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Family Days…

I just wanted to share some images from our little trip to Newbridge Farm today. Sunday is our only full day we get to spend together due to work commitments so we like to make the most of it and spend the day doing something fun with Cara. The sun was shining today so we decided to head out to a farm for the day. Newbridge Farm is located in … Read More Family Days…

Biofresh Baby Care

When I was pregnant with Cara I so greatfully received many baby bath and body care products. I remember reading online a scary article about many well known brands being toxic and harsh for babies skin. I always presumed if they were on the ahelf for babies surely they would be safe but I queationed it from then on.  As a beauty therapist myself … Read More Biofresh Baby Care

Becoming Mammy Changed My Life

Being Mammy…. What does that mean to me… The only word that springs to my mind is Everything. In essence having Cara has changed everything for me. Before having Cara I never felt settled or had much direction. I was uneasy. I know that sounds mad but that is truly how I l always felt. Almost instantly holding her in my arms for the first … Read More Becoming Mammy Changed My Life

Airfield Farm Dundrum

We spent today in the fabulous Airfield Farm, Dundrum. I have to admit that I had not heard of the farm until a friend of mine started working there and highly recommend we have a visit. I am always looking for fun family day activities especially now that Cara is running around and so interested and amazed by everything. Cara is such an outdoors girl and after … Read More Airfield Farm Dundrum

Gourmet Food Parlour Review

  We spent this Valentine’s Day as a family and decided to go to our favourite spot for brunch, The Gourmet Food Parlour in Swords. I thought I would share some of the images I took from our lovely day. It is a great spot for anyone but especially families as the staff are very warm and accommodating to the little ones.

Cooking for Cara

When Cara was 17 weeks we were urged to start weaning her onto solid foods. Myself and Phil are first time parents so like everything else up to this point we literally had no idea where to start. A deer in headlights springs to mind! I had been doing some online research and joined some weaning groups on Facebook but reading the posts actually made me … Read More Cooking for Cara

Pregnancy & Baby Fair Haul

For any of you fellow Mammies & Daddies that are interested, here is a look at some of the items we picked up for Cara at the Pregnancy & Baby Fair.