Wedding Skincare Prep – My top tips

Your Wedding Day is one of the most special days of your life which requires a huge amount of preparation ensuring you consider all aspects of your big day. Every Bride to be wants to have radiant, glowing fresh skin for their Wedding Day. Your skin preparation like all other aspects of organising your Wedding is key. I have a unique role as a beauty therapist and a makeup artist so this advise comes from both of my experiences combined. The stunning Ciara featured below is one of my brides who I had the pleasure of advising on skincare in the run up to her big day and also had the amazing job as her makeup artist.



When will I start my skin prep for my Wedding?

The answer is simple. Start NOW. If your big day is six months or six days from now, it is never too early or too late to start. Go to an expert. We do a lot of extensive training to become beauty therapists. Trust us! We know what we are talking about. Don’t try an self diagnose your skin ailments… Book a consultation (preferably with us in Biofresh of course ;)). We offer free skin consultations and makeup demonstrations to ensure you are on the right path to that perfect glowing, clear complexion that you’ve always dreamed of.

What are the best treatments for Brides:

Sticking to your homecare and your treatment plan are two main essential elements to having the best skin for your big day. The majority of our Brides who visit Biofresh will start off with our Deep Cleanse Facial. This facial will get rid of any dreaded black heads or congestion, exfoliate any dead skin cells and give the skin a boost of hydration. From there, we will tailor the treatment and homecare plan for our Brides specific skin type and needs. Micro Needling is also a hugely popular treatment for brides for many reasons. Micro Needling will stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin which will help to plump out any fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, helps with pigmentation and improves the overall appearance of the skin. For any Brides that have suffered with acne Micro needling will also help to diminish any scars which may be left on the skin. Micro needling is a non-invasive, results driven facial. If I’m honest, I would highly recommend every reader to have a course of these facials done. If you want results, Micro Needling is the facial for you.

My best skincare tips and advise:

Ditch the wipes ladies! I still cant believe the amount of women that visit us for skincare consultation that are still using wipes. They are too harsh. They will strip the skin of its natural oils and usually full of alcohol. I use the probiotic cleansing milk and rose water and it is just as quick and easy and really soothing and hydrating on the skin.

Always choose natural. The skin is an organ so whatever you put on it will be absorbed directly into your blood stream. I will only sell what I truly love and have tried and tested myself. Biofresh are free of any harsh chemicals, parabens or toxic ingredients which unfortunately are found in so many skincare and makeup brands on the market.

Makeup plays a huge part in your skincare routine. So many women invest so much in their skincare but wear the wrong makeup every day. It’s like going to the gym and having a terrible diet. To get the best skincare advice you also need the best makeup advice. Bellapierre is 100% natural and the coverage and feel of Bellapierre on the skin is second to none. You will never look back once you have tried Bellapierre along with the Biofresh Skincare routine.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. I am obsessed with and in my opinion it is the best sleep in Mask… the Hydro Mask.  All brides should use twice weekly in the run up to your Wedding. You want your makeup to glide on for your Wedding Day and stay in place and look fresh all day. Hydration is key to how you makeup sits on the skin and how it lasts throughout the day. All skin types can get dehydrated from many different environmental or weather elements. Dehydration is a lack of moisture not to be mistaken from dry skin which is a lack of oil. A lot of us are stuck in stuffy office environment which can also cause dehydration.

Thanks for reading.. I really hope that helps with your Wedding Skincare Prep!

Any questions… let me know

Linda x

Disclaimer: I am a therapist in Biofresh but I am by no means sponsored or paid to recommend or talk about these products. I use them, I love them and therefore I rec ommend them! xx


Girls Trip to Poland


I had a recent break away with my amazing friends to Poland. I had lots of snaps and questions so I decided to draft this for anyone interested in going. I wont drag on but hopefully give you as much information as I can.


We stayed in Warsaw and flew with Ryanair. Our flights ranged from €80-100. We used Sun Transfers company to pick us up in the airport and dropped us to our apartment. The mini bus fit all 8 of us. They were punctual, polite and waiting for us there and back. Worked out at €15 each for both ways and we were about 40 mins from airport.

When we arrived we went for dinner about ten minute walk from our apartments called Warsaw City Apartments but they have a large selection of apartments available. First thing 8 hungry and thirsty women did next was hunt for a nice restaurant nearby. We went to FLAMBEERIA. It was a gem of a spot and we all opted for fresh stone baked pizzas and cocktails. Delish! We went to a Sheesha Bar and chilled out for an hour or so before heading back to the apartment.



We were up super early for our  trip to Auschwitz. We booked the trip with warsawtraveltours. They were amazing I would highly recommend them. They picked us up at apartment at 5am and we had a short journey to train station. We were greeted with our tickets and a three hour train to Krakow. From there we had another bus directly to Auschwitz. We were shown a video documentary on Auschwitz on this bus journey and it took about an hour. We had a guided tour of both camps which was very hard to witness and learn about the horror of what happened in Auschwitz. Every single hair on my body stood up the entire time I was there. It was so worth a trip in my opinion if you were considering going and something that will most certainly stay with me forever.


We had a three hour stop over in Krakow after the guided tour and in this time we had some fab food and drinks in the square and done a horse and kart ride around the town. I absolutely loved Karkow. The atmosphere was amazing and the people were great. Then  it was the long journey back to Warsaw. More info on Krakow HERE. We were all absolutely shattered from all the travel so if Auschwitz is on your to do list I would consider staying in Krakow.

Next day we had breakfast in Aoili which was amazing. We then walked down to old town Warsaw and did some tourist sights and had food and drinks in a local restaurant VIRTUOSO . We had a few too many drinks and then headed home to get ready for our night out. We hit the local bars and nightclubs in Warsaw that night but I am actually not sure of the names.

I will definitely be heading back to Poland in the near future. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I loved the atmosphere, the food and the people. I will be staying in Krakow if I return and I spotted a great Radisson Hotel right in the main square. Most city breaks will set you back a lot of money but not Poland. One of the best parts of the trip for me was how affordable it is. Guilt free 🙂 To my amazing friends, I love you all so much and still have pains from laughing so hard all weekend! #whoownsyateddy

Hope you enjoyed todays post,

Chat soon, Linda x




HerClutterBox Review

It is so true what they say… A decluttered home leads to a decluttered mind. As a busy mum to a boisterous two year old little lady, I need all the help I can get when it comes to organisation. Smart storage is something that is essential for me and as a makeup artist and beauty therapist I have a tonne of beauty products that always seemed to be scattered everywhere.

I was thrilled to get  the opportunity to try out herclutterbox clear acrylic luxury makeup storage units. My first impressions was… OHHHH MMYYY GOOOD! How have I lived without this until now!


The quality was of the unit was amazing. They are made with the highest grade durable acrylic. The makeup storage unit was not only strong but extremely spacious with endless space to store all of your beloved beauty products in one area.

I received the amazing handmade five drawer clutterbox unit with grid dividers but there are lots and lots of different styles available to suit your needs. It also has dual action flip top lid. See more here

These are honestly the perfect storage solution for all of your makeup, skincare, jewellery and accessories. So worth the investment. If you are anything like me with stuff everywhere these units are a must have.


For more information, pricing and to order here is a link to the website herclutterbox

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will get back to you. Have a lovley weekend!

Linda x

Expanding and Exploring

Hi Everyone! Soooo.. Here it is… my first official post of 2017.


Bit nervo about this one but I made a pact with myself to GRAB every opportunity this year and do everything that I want to do (within reason of course). I have a tendency to talk myself out of pursuing opportunities that may lead me to following my dreams and passions. I honestly believe it is the fear of what might go wrong, what people may say. I think when it is something you truly care about and are passionate about… the stronger the fear feels. Truth is, things can go wrong and people will always talk but I decided the fear of never perusing something I am passionate about and ‘settling’ in my comfort zone was bigger than the fear of failing at something I love.


I am delighted to let you all know I will be expanding the fashion section of my blog with the hopes of producing outfit inspiration posts once a month. I am a busy working mother, saving for a mortgage, ( I wont drag on with the ‘ADULTING’ talk) and also I have curves. I want to share affordable, accessible and easy to wear pieces to suit all budgets and busy schedules.


With the intention of not making a holy bleeding show of myself I have rained in a professional Brid ODonovan to take these snaps for me. Wow, she is incredible and I credit her amazing talent and attention to detail for making me look half decent!

When it comes to fashion I am no expert in the field. I have a background in fashion retail but that’s about it. I am a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist and that is definitely my niche and where my talents lie. But I have a keen eye for fashion (& a bargain) and I have my own personal style. I don’t tend to follow trends I just see pieces in stores and adore bringing them to life through styling and accessorising.  I would love to call my love for fashion a ‘passion’ but being entirely honest I would have to say it is more of an addiction. Shopping is my drug and I love nothing more than getting lost in a large department store with Phil’s card of course 😉  I always get asked where this is from and that so hopefully these posts will be something you enjoy to read and get some outfit inspiration from.


These words have helped me a lot so far this year and I hope they may help you too…

Don’t ever tell yourself you’re not good enough

Don’t ever tell yourself its too late


Thank you so much for reading today’s post. Hope you have an amazing day.

Linda x

Links to all items below if you want to purchase or have  a closer look:

Boots – Zara – In sale now but not listed on website ! Blehhh.. In Swords Pavilion Store

Floral Lace Detail Top

Bag – Zara – New stock but not listed on website. €25.95 in Zara Swords Pavilion

Camel Coat is from Primark

Oversized Sunglasses

Highwaisted Molly Jeans

Photo credit Brid ODonovan



Great Lengths Hair Extensions

I am blown away by all the messages about my new hair transformation with Great Lengths hair extensions so I decided to do a post with all the details. Firstly, for anyone who missed it, here is a look at my amazing hair transformation and then I will answer any questions you might have.


This is only my second time having bonded hair extensions and I am sooo happy to have the length and volume back. The main reason I wanted extensions was down to the good oul post baby hair thinning phenomena that all us Mammies go through. Another thing to add to the list of stuff I never knew! I lost a lot of hair at the front about 4months post pregnancy and also found my hair lifeless, dull and just bleehhh…. I then one day had the Mother of all ‘new mammy meltdowns’ and strolled into a hair salon and asked the stylist to kindly chop off all my hair. Apparently, this is also a ‘thing’ that happens post baby. I did regret cutting my hair so short and had toyed with the thoughts of extensions since.

I was delighted to have Great Lengths Hair extensions applied this time as GL are essentially the Rolls-Royce of hair. So why  choose Great Lengths? GL Hair is a world leader in premium quality hair extensions. 100% ethically sourced human hair that you can style as your own. You can use these extensions to build volume and length and basically achieve your dream hair style. You can also donate your pre loved hair extensions to the Little Princess Trust once you are finished with them.  It’s a no brainer! You can read more here : Great Lengths

I went to the amazing Emma in Kelly Leung Hair Design based in Malahide. The salon has only recently opened on Townyard Lane by Emma and Beth, two extremely talented and experienced hair stylists. They are the only salon in the area specialising in Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Kevin Murphy hair care.


I had my colour done a week prior to the extensions and opted for a full head of highlights and a treatment which was mixed with my colour, leaving my hair super soft and feeling really healthy. I then returned a week later to have the extensions applied. They took about three hours to apply which flew by thanks to all the girly chats, coffee’s and well just getting a break from reality. The bonds were so teeeeny tiny and the hair felt so lightweight. They naturally blended in so well with my natural hair and felt so silky.


Consultations are a must if you are thinking of having hair extensions applied. Each individual customers needs and wants will completely vary therefore so will the ‘cost. Please give the girls a call and they will book you in for your consultation completely free of charge. You can call the salon on – 01-8061100.

Overall, I am so thrilled with the result. I can’t explain how having these extensions applied has boosted my confidence and gave me my mojo back! As silly as that sounds, it’s true. I can’t recommend the team at Kelly Leung Hair Design enough. From the moment I walked in I was treated so well and looked after amazingly! Thank you so much ladies! I also received a gorgeous little pack with some Great Lengths hair care and a brush specifically designed for caring for the extensions.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great day,

Linda x


Autumn Fashion Inspo

We were delighted to have a little weekend away together for a family wedding and while we were in the beautiful surroundings of Trim Castle I was able to get some photos of my outfit. What I love most is this amazing camel coat from Penneys which is a steal at €28. A classic staple piece for any wardrobe which I know I will use year after year.


The Chanel inspired low heeled shoes are also recent stock from Zara and so is the suede over the shoulder bag.

I also picked up this gorgeous navy silky shirt dress and wore it open over River Island Molly jeans and paired it with Carrig Donne basic lace string vest. The shirt dress is stunning worn as a dress too. Long choker is also Penneys.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and thanks for popping over for a look today. Let me know if you pick up any of these pieces…

Linda x



Family Days…

I just wanted to share some images from our little trip to Newbridge Farm today. Sunday is our only full day we get to spend together due to work commitments so we like to make the most of it and spend the day doing something fun with Cara. The sun was shining today so we decided to head out to a farm for the day. Newbridge Farm is located in Donabate and only a short journey for us.


I can’t believe it is October already and Cara will be turning two in December. It’s true what the say.. Time really does fly by.

No words can describe the love I have watching Cara grow. I can honestly say not a day goes by that she doesn’t amaze me with something. Cara is the happiest little girl but there are quite a few tantrums happening at the moment and the smallest thing really can set her off. We are adjusting to dealing with them daily (especially in public)  but I know it’s a stage and we are doing our best to reward the good behaviour and trying to ignore the bad! I know its a natural part of her development and she is such an intelligent bright little lady.. she has us all figured out. 😉 She adores being outdoors and loves animals so much. She was in her element at the farm today feeding the baby goats.


There is also a really good playground on the same grounds as the farm but we didn’t quite get that far as Cara needed her nap. Highly recommend this spot for family days out but one bit of advice.. wear the wellies!!

I am so lucky to have such a devote partner and the best Daddy to our little lady…



 Hope you all had a great weekend and spent it well… Nothing like a good family day on a Sunday to finish off the week and leave you refreshed and ready for a new week. I do get the usual Mom guilt but when we have a full Sunday together I always feel a hell of  a lot better.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

Thanks for reading & I will chat to you all soon…

Linda x

My Favourite Hair Care Products

I was inspired to write a haircare post from a couple of snapchat questions recently. It is something I have never written about so I’m excited to talk all things hair but bear in mind I am a beauty therapist and beauty addict so I am not an expert when it comes to hair care.

I have recently gone from having hair extensions to short hair again and I have decided to leave my hair alone to try let it grow and keep it as healthy as possible. Here is a look at my hair with extensions and without:


I get highlights every 8-12 weeks so it is hard to keep my hair in really good condition. I do like to invest in really good haircare. I tend do use professional grade products with active ingredients that will actually make a difference to the condition and texture of the hair.

I was recently invited to an amazing Cocoa Brown Breakfast in Primark Head Office to launch the New Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo & Conditioner.


I was so genuinely surprised how amazing the products left my hair feeling and also so affordable. My hair felt really soft, cleansed with no residue left on the hair. The kind shampoo and conditioner are safe to use on hair extensions, coloured hair or for anyone with really sensitive scalps and even safe enough to use on babies! I was instantly intrigued. The products are free from parabens, alcohols and formaldehyde. The primary cleansing agent in the products is derived from natural sources,  fruit sugars, coconut oil

That was about 2 months ago and I have loved both the shampoo and conditioner so much that I have re-purchased a couple of times from Penneys. They are available from Cocoa Brown stockists nationwide and a 200ml bottle retails at €3.50! Here is a link to the website for anyone interested

About three weeks ago I purchased Kevin Murphy shampoo and treatment conditioner from the Blonde Angel Range.


They are honestly amazing for taking away that brassy blonde look and my hair feels super fresh and hydrated after use. These are also paraben free and are a vibrant blue colour with colour enhancers that really do revive and brighten blonde hair. I purchased mine from You can also look at the website

Here is a detailed list of key ingredients from the website.

Key Ingredients
Sunflower Seed Extracts
Sunflower Seed Extracts avoid the stripping of colour from the hair. These extracts act as a natural sunscreen that guard against colour fade and brassiness.

Olive Oil Extracts
Hydrates, restores and repairs. A natural antioxidant; it promotes shine and elasticity. It is rich in biotin, niacin, Vitamins A and E.

Lavender Flower
Lavender flower is a natural antioxidant known for its moisturizing, cleansing and balancing qualities.

Jojoba Seed Extracts
Penetrates deep into the follicle shaft to strengthen protein bonds and improve the follicle’s flexibility and elasticity. This ensures that the hair is able to retain moisture by adding body and volume while reducing breaking and splitting.

Brazil Nut Extracts
Form a protective layer on the hair blocking evaporation, and promoting a long lasting silkiness. Rich in Vitamin E to help moisturize and smooth the hair while preventing dryness

My hair is naturally quite thick, frizzy and hard to manage. I absolutely swear by this leave in conditioner spray – Revlon Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner.


I have been using it for years and I purchase in salon services and I know it is available in selected salons nationwide.  I spray it into towel dried hair and you literally only need to use a small amount. This spray  repairs the capillary structure of dry and damaged hair. The upper phase protects the external part of the hair. The lower phase revitalizes, nourishes and hydrates. A little goes a long way and I would recommend to only use through the mid length and ends as it can leave the roots a little greasy like all conditioners.

The last product I adore is the Kardashian dry shampoo. I have used every dry shampoo under the sun and I find this really lightweight, refreshing and also gives life and body to the hair in between washes.


It is a little on the pricey side in comparison to some dry shampoos but it is a large bottle and a little goes a long way. It is hand on heart the best dry shampoo I have ever used as it is not chalky or heavy. I buy mine from Mc Cabes Pharmacies Nationwide.

Hope you enjoyed todays post…

Have a great weekend

Linda xxx





My Everyday Makeup & Skincare Routine

I wanted to do a post about my go to everyday makeup and re-create a simple look for you all and also include a little bit of skincare and what I do to prep my skin. Here is a look at the finished look.


I answer a lot of similar questions daily on snapchat (username lindaryan10) so I thought I would pop this up as I rarely change my everyday look. I am very fussy about what I put on my skin and stick to Bellapierre BB cream and mineral powder for a few reasons. Mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe whilst giving you lots of coverage. Bellapierre foundation is unique and contains just four natural mineral ingredients and my skin has never looked better since switching over. Your skin will also play a massive part in how your foundation looks, lasts and wears throughout the day.

I use Biofresh skincare every single day and I also work for Biofresh as a beauty therapist and makeup artist. That is how I discovered all of the products. I am a huge advocate for them now as I see the amazing results these products deliver every day. These are the specific products I use everyday but I would highly recommend going for a consultation with a professional and creating a treatment and homecare plan specifically tailored for your skin to get the best results for you. I have a normal skin type and my main skin condition would be dehydration. Here is my before and after :

Firstly to cleanse my skin I use the probiotic cleansing milk. The probiotic range contains active ingredients such as the probiotics from yoghurt and natural Bulgarian rose oil. The rose oil has amazingly hydrating, rejuvenating and has healing properties. The probiotic from yoghurt is synthesised from living bacterial cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. This has powerful cellular rejuvenating properties. I use this to remove makeup, eye makeup, dirt, excess oils and anything else resting on my skin both morning and night.


I also use the natural rose water to tone my skin which is produced through distillation of the flower Rosa Damescana. I always find this step super hydrating and refreshing. It will remove any excess cleanser and prepare my skin for the use of the rest of my products. 

I then use the probiotic day cream to moisturise and hydrate my skin. It is a gorgeous lightweight moisturiser and also I find it is a great under makeup primer. I use light massage movements to apply to my face, neck and décolletage. There are a lot more skincare products I use but this is just my everyday basic skincare and makeup steps. I will do a detailed skincare post soon.


Next up I apply my Bellapierre BB cream. I mix light and medium to match my skin tone.

I then set the BB cream with the mineral powder in the shade Ivory. I use a tapping motion to set the foundation with the  loose mineral powder, this way it wont move the BB cream and gives a nice flawless finish. I use quite a lot of the mineral powder. It does not contain talc so it doesn’t give the skin a powdery finish. It gives a gorgeous cream finish. It only contains four mineral ingredients so it is totally natural and wont block the pores. The coverage is amazing and the powder can be worn on it’s own as a foundation. There are days where I just wear the powder as my foundation.


I like to use the loose mineral blush in the shade autumn glow. It is a gorgeous peachy fresh blush. And I like to contour with starshine compact bronzer. All the mineral powders come in loose or compact depending on what your preference. I use a small contour powder from one of the contour and highlight kits as my eyebrow powder, eyeshadow and can also be used to contour the face. I also have the shade ginger blonde eyeshadow powder for my brows. Finish the look with lashings of mascara, cinnamon lip liner and NYX butter gloss in creme brule & I use nude liner on the waterline to help with tired no sleep Mammy eyes 🙂

All skincare and Bellapierre makeup products can be bout from

Thank you so much for reading and if you have suggestions on any blog posts please leave me a comment below… Linda x



Recent Outfit of the Day Round Up

It has been a while since I posted a fashion piece here so I have put together some images of my recent looks that are all still in the shops. First up is this duster coat €25 and ankle boots €15 from Penny’s Swords Pavilion.

Next up is Bomber €29,95, Jeans €29.95 from Zara Swords

Hat €4, shoes €15 from Pennys Swords

Lastly jeans as above / Shoes €5 and Tee €4 and layered chains €4 & €3 all from Penny also.



Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Let me know if you pick up any pieces …

Lots of Love…

Linda x