I wanted to do a post about my go to everyday makeup and re-create a simple look for you all and also include a little bit of skincare and what I do to prep my skin. Here is a look at the finished look.


I answer a lot of similar questions daily on snapchat (username lindaryan10) so I thought I would pop this up as I rarely change my everyday look. I am very fussy about what I put on my skin and stick to Bellapierre BB cream and mineral powder for a few reasons. Mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe whilst giving you lots of coverage. Bellapierre foundation is unique and contains just four natural mineral ingredients and my skin has never looked better since switching over. Your skin will also play a massive part in how your foundation looks, lasts and wears throughout the day.

I use Biofresh skincare every single day and I also work for Biofresh as a beauty therapist and makeup artist. That is how I discovered all of the products. I am a huge advocate for them now as I see the amazing results these products deliver every day. These are the specific products I use everyday but I would highly recommend going for a consultation with a professional and creating a treatment and homecare plan specifically tailored for your skin to get the best results for you. I have a normal skin type and my main skin condition would be dehydration. Here is my before and after :

Firstly to cleanse my skin I use the probiotic cleansing milk. The probiotic range contains active ingredients such as the probiotics from yoghurt and natural Bulgarian rose oil. The rose oil has amazingly hydrating, rejuvenating and has healing properties. The probiotic from yoghurt is synthesised from living bacterial cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. This has powerful cellular rejuvenating properties. I use this to remove makeup, eye makeup, dirt, excess oils and anything else resting on my skin both morning and night.


I also use the natural rose water to tone my skin which is produced through distillation of the flower Rosa Damescana. I always find this step super hydrating and refreshing. It will remove any excess cleanser and prepare my skin for the use of the rest of my products. 

I then use the probiotic day cream to moisturise and hydrate my skin. It is a gorgeous lightweight moisturiser and also I find it is a great under makeup primer. I use light massage movements to apply to my face, neck and décolletage. There are a lot more skincare products I use but this is just my everyday basic skincare and makeup steps. I will do a detailed skincare post soon.


Next up I apply my Bellapierre BB cream. I mix light and medium to match my skin tone.

I then set the BB cream with the mineral powder in the shade Ivory. I use a tapping motion to set the foundation with the  loose mineral powder, this way it wont move the BB cream and gives a nice flawless finish. I use quite a lot of the mineral powder. It does not contain talc so it doesn’t give the skin a powdery finish. It gives a gorgeous cream finish. It only contains four mineral ingredients so it is totally natural and wont block the pores. The coverage is amazing and the powder can be worn on it’s own as a foundation. There are days where I just wear the powder as my foundation.


I like to use the loose mineral blush in the shade autumn glow. It is a gorgeous peachy fresh blush. And I like to contour with starshine compact bronzer. All the mineral powders come in loose or compact depending on what your preference. I use a small contour powder from one of the contour and highlight kits as my eyebrow powder, eyeshadow and can also be used to contour the face. I also have the shade ginger blonde eyeshadow powder for my brows. Finish the look with lashings of mascara, cinnamon lip liner and NYX butter gloss in creme brule & I use nude liner on the waterline to help with tired no sleep Mammy eyes 🙂

All skincare and Bellapierre makeup products can be bout from http://www.biofreshskincare.ie.

Thank you so much for reading and if you have suggestions on any blog posts please leave me a comment below… Linda x




5 Comments on “My Everyday Makeup & Skincare Routine

  1. Do Bellapierre sell a concealer or do you conceal with the powders? Are some of the products not visible on the Biofresh website or is it just because I’m using a tablet or phone to look?


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