I have spent the past 14 weeks completing my Vanity X Makeup Course – Unit 3. I am already a qualified beauty therapist so had a slight advantage when it came to a lot of the theory involved.

I have had tonnes of messages about the course and I know so many of you are interested in a career in Makeup or a means to earn extra money on the side or simply adore makeup and want to do a course for yourself. I will firstly say that this course is part time over 14 weeks but there is A LOT of work that needs to go in to completing. So firstly if you are interested in doing this course for yourself and are not willing to commit to lots of homework both practical and theory related this may not be for you.

We began with an induction evening and by getting our kits. They are mainly Inglot products and a basic crown brush set. You get a everything from eyeshadows, powders, gel liner and a couple of lip colours. It is a great starter kit but you will definitely need to add bits to your kit. Vanity X provided foundations and cleansers, moisturisers, wipes ect for use in class. Our tutor was Emma Rose. She was absolutely fantastic and an amazing artist. She gave some great advice on building a kit, which products to splurge on and save on and also no pressure was put on anyone to have to get certain products and cheaper alternatives to pricey products were always recommended.

We began with a lot of theory about the skin, importance of consultations, client care and  continued extremely important theory from hygiene standards to choosing the right foundation for your client. Continuous assessment of the theory happened throughout the 14 weeks. I believe it was all essential but again a lot of studying involved.

We also then had a lot demos (the fun part) and covered everything from:

Natural Makeup, Graduated Smokey Eye, Blended Smokey Eye, Colour Layered Smokey Eye, Glamour looks, Mature Makeup, Era, Bridal and Avant Gard looks.

Here are just some of the looks from my folder throughout the course.

We had to practise in class and also a lot of people outside between classes. I had to rope a lot of people both friends family and clients to take before and after photos. We all had a folder which we needed to fill throughout with photos, face charts and any extra work we were doing for the course.

I absolutely loved every minute of the course although I did feel overwhelmed on many occasions juggling a baby, work, a house, a blog and the course, I loved every second. But that’s what us women do best.. juggle everything!!

The last couple of weeks where all in preparation for your end of term professional photoshoot. We did photoshoots with four looks. A Bridal Look and Smokey Eye Look and then a look of choice & a 1950’s Inspired Look. All of which you receive and can keep for your portfolio

If you are interested in a career as a Makeup Artist, I believe this is a great course choice. I am delighted to say I recieved 91% as my overall grade.

Hopefully I have covered everything and answered some of your questions. If you have any more questions or need any more info please contact me. I will leave a link to the Unit 3  course below for anyone interested. There is tonnes of information here and the Vanity X Team are so helpful if you have any questions. I know I certainly hounded them with questions when I was researching where to study. Be sure to book in advance as places book up so fast.

Thanks for reading

Linda x




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