As you all know, I am self confessed tanaholic. In the past year since discovering the brand, I can honestly say that I am now a cocoabrownaholic! It is, in my opinion, the best tanning range on the market. (Believe me I have tried them all) The products are affordable and provide you with everything you need from start to finish to achieve the perfect flawless tan without leaving any dreaded tan pong!

I have been especially excited to try the new golden goddess dry oil after seeing a sneak peak on Marissa Carter’s snapchat a few months ago. It is finally in stores now!!

This time of year is all about the Christmas Parties and last minute festivities so I have also been trying out some instant tan options and the golden goddess oil for that instant tan and glow!


As a busy working Mam, there are definitely days where I haven’t had time to prep and apply my tan before heading out so I always have an instant option in the drawer ready to rock.

The instant tan gels come in both a matte and shimmer finish. You can apply the shimmer finish if you want an all over glowing tan. Or if you prefer a matte tan then just opt for the matte finish. I like to use a mixture of both applying the matte all over then a layer of shimmer to highlight the collar bones, shoulders and front of the legs.


Here is a close look at the swatches of both the shimmer and matte option.


They are a silky lightweight gel consistency, absorbed really quickly and dried even. I used the double sided velvet mitt to apply the instant tans and buffed into the skin in circular motions to give a smooth even finish. I love this mitt as the tan doesn’t seep down and stain the side of your hand! Another simple yet genius idea from the Cocoa Brown Team! You can apply two coats for a really intense tan or one layer leaves a gorgeous light to medium tanned finish.Both washed off really easily leaving no residue on the skin.

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tanning mouse has been my holy grail for the past year since discovering it. I also swear by the tough stuff scrub for getting old tan off before applying fresh new tan on the skin.


I also tried the lovely legs instant wash off tan spray. This was so easy to apply with a super quick spray on formula. Great for the last minute nights out. My before and after photos didn’t work out great but I will pop better photos up on my carabellebeauty Instagram soon.


Last but most definitely not least… GOLDEN GODDESS OIL! One word… obsessed. The oil has a really intense shimmer so a little goes a long way. It absorbs really well and leaves the most stunning golden finish. I would again use this to highlight certain areas of the body such as fronts of legs and collar bones. In photos this will really give you a stunning dewy, healthy looking glow.


2 Comments on “Cocoa Brown Instant Tan & Golden Goddess Oil Review

  1. That Golden Goddess oil makes me want an unnecessary tan haha. I absolutely love that golden glow it gives, damn it looks amazing on you! I might just give it a go. After all, we’re in the season of glitter and shine haha!

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